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Write for your customers, let the keywords work themselves out



As a digital media company, many of us a The Loran Group spend a fair amount of time thinking about a core principle in almost all forms of online advertising; how to engage the customer with a blog, in a way that projects your brand in a positive light without sounding like a very long winded advertisement. In an effort to help our customers who do engage in blog writing, I have compiled a list of tips to help you write a convincing blog, which leads us to today’s topic…


Keyword rich, not keyword spam.

Let’s admit it. You’re sitting at your desk getting ready to write that blog and all you can think about is the best way to write things so that your keywords appear frequently, helping your page rank. This is the exact opposite of what you should be thinking. The first key to writing a good blog, is to write a blog for your customer, not for your website. If you’re sitting down to write your blog and before you start, you prepare a list of power words that you want to include in every paragraph, you’re missing the point.


Google’s algorithms have had years and years of experience in learning how to filter content spam from actual results. That’s years and years of of expensive research, countless man hours, and a mutli-billion dollar search engine company against your ten minutes of keyword prep, keyboard, and cup of coffee. In actuality, the trick to beating the Google algorithms is not to use a trick at all. In fact, it has been my experience, that blog articles I write thinking about my customer first and what my customer wants to hear tend to do significantly better than any blog post I’ve prepped in advance to write, so today’s tip is “write for your customer and let the keywords work themselves out.”

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After doing a Directory Review with The Loran Group we had locations with up to 170 errors showing up across all directories.  Within a few days of signing up with The Loran Group's Directory Listing Management we had all errors across all directories correct and suppressed dozens of listings that had incorrect information.  This is a great help and will do wonders for our SEO efforts!  Thanks!

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