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Advertising a mission not a job.

The Loran Group is a digital advertising agency focused on marketing, website design, search engine optimization, and pay per click campaign management.
The Loran Group was born from a necessity for a customer driven digital advertising agency. We have been on the receiving end of all types of digital advertising agencies that worry more about the pay and less about the work and quickly got fed up with the lack of communication and the absence of any sense of urgency as it pertained to anything we wanted to get done, so we took matters into our own hands. The Loran Group is founded by a group of people with a drive to serve the customer with quality work on a budget and we pride ourselves on the following:

  • Taking care of our customers first. We understand more than most that when a customer wants something done you can’t just shelf it for a couple of months and get around to it. We also understand that sometimes you have to put aside what you would consider important and get down to what your customer considers important, even if that means inconveniencing yourself, the customer is number one.
  • Paying attention to what’s best for our customers, not our pocketbooks. There are times when we have to tell potential customers no. Every client will receive a customized solution for their specific needs. Traditional digital agencies have a one size fits all approach, but The Loran Group understands that this is not normally in the best interest of the individual and is much more in the interest of the company. Someimtes solutions will include reducing services needed, even if they’ve had the same services for years, if those services are no longer needed.
  • Showing our customers a great value. Everyone today needs a great online presence, but not all great websites and search options have to cost a fortune. Part of our customer first mindset is making sure that we are providing services that fulfill the online needs of our customers at a price they can actually afford. We fit the solution to the customer, not the customer to the solution.

Client Testimonials

We would definitely recommend The Loran Group for any SEO services that you are in need of.  We had a brand new website and we were showing up in a highly competitive market within weeks on both Google and Bing for several of the keywords we were shooting for.  We give them two thumbs up for great communication, managing expectations and most of all - RESULTS!

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