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The Pitfalls of DIY SEO

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As the Internet becomes progressively more ingrained with our daily lives, having a website optimized to appear prominently in search results becomes increasingly more important. Thousands of businesses across the country have seen an increase in their bottom line by investing in professional Search Engine Optimization services. Others might consider opting into do it yourself practices in attempt to save money. While initially enticing, due to the nature of simple mistakes causing significant pitfalls to your website’s ranking, SEO is a technique best left to the experts in the field.

SEO is a rapidly changing industry where the top ranking strategy of yesterday can have your site heavily penalized today. For instance, submitting your website to a mass of online directories used to be the most impactful means by which to increase SEO rankings. Just recently, however, Google has deemed these practices as “spammy” in nature and has placed significant penalties upon websites who followed this trend.
Other frequent problems with do it yourself SEO occur on your website itself. For instance, there is a very fine line between proper on-page usage of keywords and overuse of these  keywords. While careful use of keywords and h-tags is necessary for proper on-page optimization, even the appearance of abuse will result in your website being penalized. The same can be said for link building tactics – an excess of care bust be exercised in order for your websites to reap the benefit of this hugely important ranking factor.
One final consideration is in the cost of professional SEO and web development tools. For instance, Google takes into account the file size of the images placed on your website in determining if your website will load fast enough for the majority of users. Programs like Adobe Photoshop can solve these issues, but not without a cost. Photoshop and the variety of other programs necessary for search engine optimization would be expensive to buy on a per unit basis in the case of DIY SEO. However, through the Loran Group, you are able to enjoy the benefit of these programs alongside the professional implementation of the latest search engine optimization strategies.

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We would definitely recommend The Loran Group for any SEO services that you are in need of.  We had a brand new website and we were showing up in a highly competitive market within weeks on both Google and Bing for several of the keywords we were shooting for.  We give them two thumbs up for great communication, managing expectations and most of all - RESULTS!

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