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Social Media Strategy for 2015

Facebook, in an attempt to provide an excellent user experience, has recently made changes to the way its users are served content from the business they follow. In essence, these changes center around the amount of sales-related content users see from the business they follow. Specifically, posts from business pages that only exist to push people to purchase a specific product or service are now delivered to only a small fraction of your followers’ newsfeeds.  Small businesses in Knoxville and across the country will have to adapt to this change in order for their social media efforts to continue to be a success.

While a significant change, this doesn’t have to spell an end to your company’s social media venture. In fact, when addressed appropriately, this change can prove advantageous, as the healthier the social network is in terms of user satisfaction, the more opportunity there is to connect with them in a meaningful way. With this change, businesses should create less content that directly pushes customers to make an immediate purchase and instead focus on building relationships. Now more than ever, content marketing that focuses on creating engaging material that is informative and shareable will prove valuable to your business.

This change to Facebook’s algorithm is not the only feature rolling out on the social network in 2015. Facebook wants to continue to prove that their platform should be taken seriously as a means by which to acquire conversions. Facebook’s new call to action element, being slowly rolled out to businesses today, seeks to help do just that. This update adds a trackable call to action element at the forefront of your Facebook page that leads customers to a landing page of your choice, where businesses can more properly collect leads and make direct conversions.

It is clear that in the coming year, Facebook will undergo drastic changes that will necessitate a broad change in approach to social media marketing. Is your business prepared to address these changes in a manner that will keep your investment in social media marketing a profitable one? The experienced social media managers at The Loran Group are equipped with the industry insight to tackle these challenges in the coming year. For more information on how we can help develop your online presence through social media, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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