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The Pitfalls of DIY SEO

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As the Internet becomes progressively more ingrained with our daily lives, having a website optimized to appear prominently in search results becomes increasingly more important. Thousands of businesses across the country have seen an increase in their bottom line by investing in professional Search Engine Optimization services. Others might consider opting into do it yourself practices in attempt to save … Continue reading

SEO Trends Towards Users

Search Engine Optimization Design

The past few years has seen Google and other prominent search engines take a stand in support of providing higher ranking to those businesses who create the best user experience for their customers on the web. Algorithm changes such as Google’s Penguin and Panda  have made it counterproductive to try to “game the system and have made businesses adopt more … Continue reading

Social Media Strategy for 2015

Facebook, in an attempt to provide an excellent user experience, has recently made changes to the way its users are served content from the business they follow. In essence, these changes center around the amount of sales-related content users see from the business they follow. Specifically, posts from business pages that only exist to push people to purchase a specific … Continue reading

Horizontal vs. Vertical blogging

Horizontal vs. Vertical Blogging

Our second topic for this series has a lot related to the first, and was originally intended to be included in the first, but when I started writing, it quickly became apparent that this was going to need to be a blog post on it’s own. Our second topic: Horizontal vs. Vertical blogging. Forget, temporarily, everything I told you in … Continue reading

Write for your customers, let the keywords work themselves out

Blogging for your customers, not for keywords

    As a digital media company, many of us a The Loran Group spend a fair amount of time thinking about a core principle in almost all forms of online advertising; how to engage the customer with a blog, in a way that projects your brand in a positive light without sounding like a very long winded advertisement. In … Continue reading

Client Testimonials

After doing a Directory Review with The Loran Group we had locations with up to 170 errors showing up across all directories.  Within a few days of signing up with The Loran Group's Directory Listing Management we had all errors across all directories correct and suppressed dozens of listings that had incorrect information.  This is a great help and will do wonders for our SEO efforts!  Thanks!

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